Class Descriptions


Classes are available for recreational through pre-professional level dancers as well as adults. 
(Ages are approximate and may vary based on experience or skill level)





TINY TOTS (Pre-Ballet & Tumbling: 3 yr olds) 
Creative song, dance and basic tumbling class designed to help engage the students’ attention and imagination. The dancers learn through games, stories, and songs to teach listening skills while implementing their natural creativity. 

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap & Tumbling: 4 yr olds)
Combination pre-ballet and tap creative dance class offered to develop coordination and musical awareness. The dancers work to improve balance, rhythm and movement while introduced to basic dance technique and terminology.

KINDERDANCE (Ballet & Tap Combo: 5 yr olds)
Combination ballet and tap class where children elaborate on correct dance technique and terminology. Basic ballet positions and body alignment are developed through movement and music. And they learn a sense of rhythm and musicality through the basics of tap dancing. 

PRIMARY (Ballet, Tap & Mini Jazz Combo: 6-9 yr olds)
Our signature combo class allows dancers to attend one class a week incorporating teachings of three different genres; ballet, tap and jazz. In addition to the ballet and tap techniques, our primary dancers are also introduced to the exhilarating world of jazz dance. Dancers learn the fundamental elements of these classic styles of dance which are designed to provide an outlet for students who would like to begin or continue their passion for dance. 

MINI ACRO (5-9 yr olds) (Kinderdance & Primary Levels)
Introductory acrobatic and tumbling class which teaches the basic progressions needed to obtain more advanced acrobatic and tumbling skills. 

MINI HIP HOP (5-9 yr olds) (Kinderdance & Primary Levels)
Introductory hip hop class exposing dancers to the styles of today’s music and dance with the use of age appropriate music and movement. 

A Cecchetti based class where the method of ballet taught maintains the standards of ballet training established by Cav. Enrico Cecchetti. It is a graded system designed to enable all those qualities essential to the dancer…balance, poise, strength, elevation, and elasticity. Students learn terminology, discipline, concentration and endurance and become proficient in fundamental dance movement and ballet technique.

An additional ballet technique class geared towards strengthening and conditioning the dancer in preparation for Pointe work. 

A ballet based class executed in Pointe shoes. Dancers perform basic technical steps which will help them to learn placement and gain strength as they develop their Pointe skills. Students must be at a certain technical level in order to be considered for this class. 

For the serious ballet student, Forest Dance Academy offers additional study of the Cecchetti-method of ballet, a series of graded ballet classes. The Cecchetti method is known for its pure, classical technique created during the Romantic period of ballet. The Cecchetti method begins with Grade Level 1 and goes through Grade Level 8. Students study one class of work and perfect that class. This method provides serious ballet students with an opportunity to improve their ballet techniques and to develop poise and confidence. All students learning the Cecchetti method receive a great deal of personal attention and coaching. The Cecchetti Council of America holds examinations in classical ballet for students and teachers who are training in the Cecchetti method. The Syllabus tests the technical and artistic accomplishments of student candidates who have been prepared by member teachers. It offers students an opportunity to demonstrate their technical ability and understanding of the material. Each level provides attainable goals that build self-confidence in their developmental progress and successful achievements.

A class with combinations of syncopated and percussive movements executed in tap shoes. This lively, rhythmic class makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a musician.

This class challenges our students with many different forms of jazz styles. These energetic classes are popular with all ages and provide knowledge of vocabulary and technique with an added benefit of cardiovascular exercise. Body isolations and coordination exercises are taught using upbeat and popular music. 

OPEN TECHNIQUE (Leaps & Turns, Improv, Floor Barre, Heels, Etc.)
A technique only class designed to help dancers perfect the technical elements required to improve balance, strength, elevation and body alignment. Students will learn to concentrate on the technical aspects of elevation and rotation by learning a series of jumps, leaps, turns, weight and direction changes. They will develop additional technique for the safe execution of skills used in all forms of dance. And improvisational skills into progressions that challenge them across the floor and in center combinations. Classes will be designed to work each dancer’s body, concentrating on the core muscle groups vital to helping dancers at all levels improve their technique and control, as well as avoid injury. In addition dancers will be introduced to other current styles of dance. 

Modern dance class explores movement, space, rhythm and the dancer’s own creativity with emphasizes on momentum, shapes and patterns. This form of dance is inspired by nature, music, art, and human emotions. Dancers are introduced to multiple techniques including Graham.

This is a combination class including vocal technique, drama and musical theatre. Students study music and movement pertaining to Broadway musicals. Students will learn Broadway style numbers, as well as acting and how to express emotion and portray a character through movement and facial expression.

This class blends the sustained controlled movement of ballet with freedom, power, and dynamics of jazz and modern dance. Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz, with expressive motions that tell a story. Students will learn lyrical technique along with how to express emotion through movement.

Acro class utilizes the artistic use of acrobatic and tumbling skills combined with dance and usually performed to music. It accentuates the acrobatic and gymnastic skills in a more spectacular and rhythmic manner which is pleasing to the audience. 

Hip Hop is a class which blends today’s high energy street style with popular music. This form of dance is one that everyone is capable of taking part and having fun!