• Dancers must be enrolled in regularly scheduled classes at Forest Dance Academy.
  • Dancers must have attended Summer Dance Camp, Mini Dance Camp or Technique Week.
  • Dancers must have attended the Choreography Workshop & Auditions for the FDA Performance Company as well as The Christmas Company. Extenuating circumstances will be handled at the discretion of the directors.

 Choreography Workshop and Auditions
The Choreography Workshop is held in August for one week. The first four days will focus on learning sections of choreography for the dances that will be performed in the competitions. This material will be used as the basis for auditions, which will be held on the fifth day of the workshop. Dancers are selected for specific dances based on audition results, technical abilities, performing abilities, work ethics, future potential, attendance records and evaluations of attitude and effort.

 Featured Dancer Information
Any dancer accepted into the FDA Performance Company is eligible to be selected as a featured dancer. A featured dancer can compete as a soloist, and/or be part of a duo or trio. Featured dances will be selected at auditions. There will be a limited number of featured dancers; therefore the selection process will be stringent.