FDA History

Forest Dance Academy is Lynchburg, Virginia’s most cutting edge performing arts studio.

Since its founding in 1983 by Sue Dail and Pam York, Forest Dance Academy has sustained a remarkable reputation as an institution committed to dancers of all ages and abilities. Over three decades later, acclaimed for its devotion to the consistent growth and evolution of dance education, FDA still serves an ever growing community of young dance artists.

From 2006-2011 Forest Dance Academy was under the leadership of a new generation with Karen Hamlet and Michelle Thomas. While maintaining the school’s core values and commitment to quality, those years have seen their relentless pursuit of groundbreaking new programs that have propelled the school to the forefront of the community’s dance scene.

Since 2012 Forest Dance Academy has continued with it’s premiere education of the arts under the sole direction of Michelle Thomas.  And, with vision and wisdom from the extraordinary faculty of professionally trained and certified instructors from organizations such as The Cecchetti Council of America, British Association of Dance Teachers, Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America and Acrobatic Arts, FDA continues to offer prestigious dance education designed to develop the joy of movement, the benefits of discipline and focus, and the opportunity to experience various dance arts styles.

Forest Dance Academy takes tremendous pride in the achievements of its alumni who enjoy thriving careers and unprecedented artistic success in the entertainment industry. Graduates choosing careers un-related to the arts enter the world remarkably enhanced with the self-confidence, passion, dedication, and most importantly, the integrity deeply rooted in a FDA dance family education.

Our goal is to enrich lives through creativity and expression and to provide a friendly atmosphere, which welcomes you to the FDA family!