Bring a Friend to Dance Week

We invite all our Forest Dance Academy students to share their love for dance during our annual
“Bring a Friend to Dance Week”! 

October 2nd - October 7th

Students are welcome to bring their friends to join them at any or all of their dance classes during the week, completely FREE!

Whether your friend is currently in dance, is a former dancer, or has never danced before, please welcome them to take a FREE class with you and show them why you LOVE FDA!!!

You may bring your friends to any dance class, however, for their safety; inexperienced friends may not participate in Pointe or Intermediate/Advanced Acrobatics.  They may however observe these classes.

We look forward to meeting your friends, and seeing some new faces at FDA!!!

DON’T MISS OUT on the B.A.F.T.D.W. DRAWING For 1 Month Free Tuition!

If your friend registers for the complete 2017-2018 Dance Season, you will be entered in a drawing to win…May’s Tuition FREE!